Alumni Day 2015

On 18th of November we held our annual Alumni Day. Graduates from Fashion Promotion (BA) Hons came back to Rochester to talk to our current students about life after university with a series of inspiring talks.

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To start the day we had Libby Page, a graduate of Fashion Promotion class 2011, who is currently a Fashion Assistant at The Edit, the weekly online magazine of Net-A-Porter. Libby started her career by getting experience within Marie Claire and InStyle publications.


Laura Stonard is a Womenswear Account Manager at Sane PR. Her previous experience includes Exposure PR. Laura is a graduate of Fashion Promotion, class of 2009.



Dior Bediako is a Press Samples Assistant at Burberry, and is just about to leave to concentrate on her own business 'Pepper Your Talk'. Dior is a graduate of Fashion Promotion, class of 2013.


Si Pui Tuong works in marketing at Boden, and previously worked at Sister PR in their digital team. Si is a graduate of Fashion Promotion, class of 2014.

Fashion Media & Promotion

BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Promotion course provides students with a thorough understanding of how fashion works and how to promote concepts through all forms of media, including fashion photographyfashion filmpublicationsdigital marketingpublic relations and social media