Kimlik Talk

The first digital community platform created to bring together young British Turkish Cypriots by Ayseniz Dourmoush.

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Ayseniz Dourmoush, Fashion Media and Promotion student from the University for the Creative Arts launched a live event for her Final Major Project in London bringing her community together for talks, workshops and, of course, drinks!

The event was held at King’s Head, Winchmore Hill, N21 1BB, on the 12th April 2019 between 7pm - 12am. Ayseniz Dourmoush talked thoroughly about Kimlik Talk. There was a DJ, bar and photo booth. 

Kimlik Talk is the first ever digital community platform to bring together young British Turkish Cypriots. The platform welcomes them to share their personal stories based around their identity and self - expression; it provides individual advice on ways you could feel more confident and comfortable in yourself. As well as providing articles about issues that are important to the community and hosting events where we are able to bring everyone together to share, talk, support, listen and network. 

The online platform helps young British Turkish Cypriots explore the impact of growing up in Britain in Turkish Cypriots families and how they are managing to bridge the cultural gaps in a project that explores identity through family, geography, and culture.