Fashion Film Project Screening 2017

Working in small groups students produce their own one minute fashion film – from initial ideas and research into stories, brands, emerging designers and promotion. They experience all areas of filmmaking and explore prop making, set design, storyboarding, screenwriting, costume design, direction of models and theory.

To celebrate end of term, Christmas and a successful hand-in; the course had a screening of all Year 2 Fashion Film Unit films - 60 short films in just under an hour! 


Fashion Films


Backstage Documentaries

BTS film directed for Alex Woodcock, inspired by Alexander Wang. Directed and edited by Lucy Wickham. Contact for usage and publishing, or for more info on the film.
Fashion Media & Promotion / BTS / 5003
We want to thank Alex, Lucy, Kirsty and Courtney, our team of four students, who worked on the poster designs, promotion, leafleting and decorating! 
Special thanks to Simon, Colin and Chris the technicians for helping us out with the equipment!